In June 2010, a catastrophic event changed my life overnight. Many of the things and pastimes I loved are no longer important nor even viable today. While going about my business as a resource development officer for a nonprofit agency and keeping up with family and a few friends, I also struggle with grief and depression. I am trying to find a new way home.

I wrote this in 2007: Now, more about me. I learned to cook well because I love to eat good food. I learned to draw and paint because I enjoy creating art. I am learning to savor life because time and tide wait for no one.

Why did I not realize in 2007 that it is not all about me? Rather, it is about people and it is the sharing of talents, beauty, life and love that make my world complete.

I hope readers enjoy these posts… random musings, maybe some poetry and art and whatever else may ebb and flow.